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‘Grão’ collection 


A mix between the natural of the cork and the industrial of the steel give to ‘Grão’ table a versatile character able to integrate into any environment. With solid cork tops the tables are of high quality and soft to the touch.

Uma mistura entre o natural da cortiça e o industrial do metal confere à mesa 'Grão' um carácter versátil capaz de se integrar em qualquer ambiente. Com os topos de cortiça maciça, as mesas são de alta qualidade e suave ao toque.


With design details that matter, the side table is a perfect support for the sofa. The profile is sleek and smooth.

Com detalhes de desenho que importam, a mesa é um perfeito apoio para o sofá. O perfil é elegante e suave.


The legs have a very sharp graphic look given by the various angles of the metal legs. With these angles the tables assume different and beautiful perspectives.

As pernas têm um visual gráfico muito vincado dado pelos vários ângulos das pernas metálicas. Com estes ângulos as mesas assumem diferentes e bonitas perspetivas.


‘Grão’ collection has 3 table sizes, the legs can be black or white and the cork dark or light.

A coleção "Grão" tem 3 tamanhos de mesa, as pernas podem ser pretas ou brancas e a cortiça escura ou clara.


The production is divided between the made by hand and the made with the machine. Everything's made in the brand's native country: Portugal.

A produção divide-se entre o feito à mão e o feito à maquina. Tudo produzido no País natal da marca: Portugal.



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‘Ím-par’ collection


'Três' stool/table, 'Seis' and 'Nove' tables are part of this collection, they have in common the metallic legs that give lightness and a geometric form on top: triangle, circle and rectangle.

As mesas / bancos 'Três', as mesas 'Seis' e 'Nove' fazem parte desta coleção, têm em comum as pernas metálicas que dão leveza e uma forma geométrica no topo: triângulo, círculo e retângulo.

Galula Tres modular cork stool or table

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'Taberna' collection, natural beauty



'Taberna' collection it’s line of stools and bench inspired by the tavern, a place usually characterized by a rustic and woodsy environment that was transferred and modernized in this collection. Made from solid wood where is privileged the notch and unions in the wood to show its natural beauty and quality, has a metal cross bar that gives a fresh look and color.


available in three sizes: low stool, bar stool and bench

With the natural wood color we can see the beautiful notches in the design of the stools


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About cork material  

One of the most sustainable material in the World!


Cork is the bark of the cork oak, which means that it is 100% natural plant tissue. Harvested every nine years, without any tree being felled during the process. After harvesting, a new layer of cork starts generating.


All of Galula cork furniture and cork lighting

Grão Collection








'Magneto' desk / wall lamp


'Magneto' is a lamp made of cork that can be a table or a wall lamp. It contains two magnets that makes it possible to magnetize at any metal surface or at the metal piece that goes along with the 'magneto'. This piece can be bolted to the wall. Or you can just lay the lamp anywhere, which makes it very versatile and original!


'Glint' lamp, it's magnetic cork! 


'Glint' is a desk lamp with the perfect combination of two parts, a portable cork lightsource with magnets that allow to stick the lamp to any part of the metal surface and by this way control the light intensity. And a base designed to contain the light and any other small everyday object like books, magazines or keys.



'Sininho' cork pendant lamp. Up or down!

'Sininho' is a pendant lamp made of cork that gives both ways, the light spot can be directed up or down. With a minimalist and versatile form that can be used alone or together with others and thus form a chandelier.



'Sino' pendant lamp, one or three?

'Sino' is a pendant lamp, made of cork, with a minimalist and neutral shape, inspired by the projection of the light, adapts to any environment.
The cork gives texture and comfort. ‘Sino’ can be used alone or in a three set, forming a chandelier.


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'Pendura', minimal beauty


'Pendura' is a coat stand with a minimalistic form and a very marked functional character. Made from solid wood has six notches at the front and two at the back. Takes little space because it is against the wall and creates a beautiful frame which will be perfect to be decorated by coats, bags, accessories...


'Qubik', your objects find a place!


'Qubik' is a versatile shelf that adapts to your storage needs. Made from solid oak wood, has the possibility of having a floor or rise to two because the shelves are not screwed, they are embedded through the small notch on wood.


'Pega' hook, to your coats, plants or keys.

And to adorn your wall too.


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