Design & Process

galula três stool

Galula products are made to last

Along with the functional and creative design we give our products the best production quality, materials and finishes so you can take better profitability of the product and enjoy it at it’s  best way for a long time.


All about the details 

'Taberna' low stool 

galula production

Designed and made in Portugal

Galula products are proudly designed and produced in Portugal. 

We have a very good industry in Portugal full of great craftsmen as well as cutting-edge technology that we apply to the production of Galula products. 


We love color! 

All Galula products have version in several bright happy colors, that combine well with neutral colors also available in our collection. 

Our colors are always the same , so the yellow of 'Seis' table will be the exacly same yellow color of the 'Pendura' and others yellow products (exept for the lamps). 




Rua de Santos Pousada 668
4000-480 Porto

Rua Comendador Sá Couto, 53B
4520-250 Santa Maria da Feira

Rua da Boavista 123-134
1200-070 Lisboa

Rua das Salgadeiras 10
1200-396 Lisboa

Fazenda S. Bartolomeu
Rua do monte grande
8950-270 Castro Marim



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33201 Gijón, Asturias

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